Monday, February 28, 2011

No bonus this year

For the previous 3 seasons, instructors who taught more than the average number of classes with the motorcycle program receive some type of swag.  This year there was nothing as the program was facing the red in a couple of accounts due to construction and other issues.  Maybe I should have noticed the pattern.  The first year for me we were issued Rev’it Meshing Riding Jackets, next was a neon yellow dry ducks top and bottom Frogg Toggs rain suit, and last year was a embroidered shade hat.  While I wasn’t teaching with the thought, the program is going to get those of us teaching lots of classes something special, it was something to look forward to for gear hogs like myself.  The year we got the Frogg Toggs, I had already but a pair on my Campmor wish list for that Spring.  Of the 50 instructors that attended yesterday’s, I was the only one who received a box of home made chocolate coverage peanuts (beyond delicious).  Turns out the class that I taught with Ezell had the highest single shirts/hats sales for a single class, $265.  I never push selling shirt.  Just happened to teach a class where one of the students (wealthier older male) had so much fun in the class that he bought the other 8 students $20 long sleeve t-shirts.
It did receive my 500 students taught plaque and my 700 students taught bar to add to my name tag.  My current total is 767 students in 4 seasons.  Least year I taught 36 classes which included 337 students (some classes only started with 8 instead of the normal twelve).  With me scheduled to teach 26 classes, I may cross the 1000 student threshold this year.
March 24th will be the first class of the season for me.  October 30th will be the last class of the season.  Here is to this year’s experiences.  May I have few crash reports to fill out and lots of satisfied student riders.  Oh, lest I forgot, may the rain gods be merciful and the gods of summer heat be kind.
This past weekend was the end of the 6th week of recovery for my wife from her full knee replacement surgery.  She drove the SUV for the first time since the surgery for around 30 minute.  Because it was a new movement (right knee replacement), it was a little bit of a workout.  By the time the real riding season, she should be able to ride with me on the Concours without the pain that she used to experience after riding for more than thirty minutes.  Here’s to the marvels of medicine and bravo to my wife’s extreme hard work at PT and home.  I am beyond proud of her. 


Trobairitz said...

Good wishes to your wife on her surgery recovery. I bet it was a great feeling to drive again.

Kudos to you for all you have accomplished in your instructing. It is nice that you can take a hobby you love and use it to help others in their journey.

Happy riding.

Raftnn said...

Good post and great read, good luck on your wife's recovery, sounds like all is going to plan at this stage. I admire your dedication and comitment to teaching others.