Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rebel in the real world

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera on me this afternoon. I staff the library's reference desk from 5-8 this evening. On day's like today, I like to take a walk through Hyde Park around 4:00. Parked on the street adjacent to the library was an electric blue 250 Honda Rebel. All of the chrome was shiny. It had two rear view mirrors and even all of it's signals. I can hear you saying so what! Honestly I am not used to seeing Rebels in such conditions. The Rebel is one of the bikes that we use in the UIUC Motorcycle Rider program. Each site normally has 2 Rebels and a mix of Honda Nighthawks and Yamaha Dual Sports. The Rebels are there to accommodate the height challenge riders. The Rebels that I am accustomed to are scratched, dented, missing signals and mirrors. Next time on the teaching range, looking at the bruised and battered Rebels, I will remember how they were meant to look.