Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Long days ahead

This weekend is one of the all day instructor updates with the U of I motorcycle rider program.  From the signup for which classes you would like to teach, the program is trying another variation of schedules to get in as many classes as possible.  Last years schedule “overlapping” caused too much undo stress.  This years attempt will at least allow you a little more flexibility.  In order to get 3 groups through the class in 2 weekend the following schedule was created:

Wed 6-10 Sat 8-12 Sun 8-12 Sat 8-12 Sun 8-12

Thurs 6-10 Sat 12 –4 Sun 12-4 Sat 12-4 Sun 12-4

Thurs 6-10 Sat 4:30-8:30 ……….

The Thursday evening will combined the two classes in one group of 24 with only the lead instructors for the two sections present.  In order to only teach one night a week, I am primarily teaching the Thurs sessions and working both the 12-4 and 4:30-8:30 classes.  On the weekends that I teach, I will at least have the mornings off.  Hopefully bicycle riding with my wife on Saturdays and going to early church services on Sundays.  Last year, I was only able to attend church on holiday weekends from April 1 through Oct 31.  My soul will be better fed on this schedule.  Right now I am signed up for 26 classes for the season with 7 of them during 3 1/2 weekday M-F classes.  My real job have changed vacation accrual policy and I have a surplus of 5 weeks to burn off in addition to 27 more vacation day I get awarded in July. 

It will be a busy year, but there will be many weekends of not teaching for plenty of playtime.

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