Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Changes in store

I often have a desire to post a little more often.  This is due to enjoying the frequent postings on blogs such as Redleg's Rides.  The impediment for me is that this blog’s focus is motorcycling, which I do enjoy.  I am not a James Stewart who’s livelihood or passion is enveloped within the sphere of motorcycling.  Additionally, the scope of my fun expands well beyond motorcycling.   There is no great following of this blog and rather than create separate blog for life outside of motorcycling I am expanding my blog to more holistically reflect my experiences and reflections.  

My mother was admitted to the hospital late last week.  She has continued to undertreat both her high blood pressure and diabetes.  So her body suffers the consequences which has must a few hospitalizations over the last 6 months.  Saturday would be a drive down for a day visit with her.  I haven’t seen her for awhile and with you in the hospital again, I knew that I needed to go down to Indy.  The drive was good for me in that I don’t drive very often and for some reason I get a little anxious on long drives on the interstate.  This does not happen on the Concours mind you, just the car.  The ride both ways was fine.  As I was entering Indy, I spotted a nice Triumph headed north.  A hair over three hours later, as I was leaving Indy, I spotted the same Triumph returning to Indy.  I thought, a very different 3 hours for the two of us.


bobskoot said...


I have also pondered the same things as yourself. I don't ride all the time and I have other interests such as photography, cars and travelling around our area, so I just mix them up and not worry about being so caught up in the subject. Many here also have other interests and they blog about them inbetween Moto content. I was thinking of changing my punch line to reflect this. Perhaps "Reflections of a Sport Tourer in the Midwest" and then you can reflect on anything you wish.

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Charlie6 said...


Sorry to hear about your mom, hope she's able to leave the hospital soon.


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Raftnn said...

I enjot your blogs Jeffery, regarless what you blog about. It does not matter who reads it, some times it is good just to keep a record of things.

I hope your mother is on the mend, New Zealnd is in the midst of it's own crisis at the moment so I feel for you.

Jeffry said...

Chicago has issues with weather, but it is spared from major crisis like earthquakes, flood, ect like so many in the world are dealing with.