Monday, January 19, 2009

Race and riding

Tomorrow is a big day for the United States. I remember when Obama first announced his candidacy, it didn't think that he had a chance. The basis was two fold. First was that he was junior new Senator from our state of Illinois. Second, I didn't think that that United States was ready or willing to have an African American as the President. Yet I have been happily surprised that enough Americans got behind him and the world joins in our excitement at his inauguration tomorrow.

Obama leadership of our country demonstrates progress but not the end of the issues of race. While many celebrate his presidency, I know many peoples world are disrupted by the thought that this country will be lead by an African American. Yet I hope that this era will usher in a time of a more cosmopolitan acceptance of those who aren't mirror images of ourselves.

Personally, I hope that this level of acceptance will allow my wife to comfortably ride with me on the Connie anywhere that we chose. However, I have to be practical. I have found that people worst can come out even more when confronted with the reality of a multiracial couple even. I am blessed to be comfortable and happy with who am I. More so I appreciate both those who are like me and well as those who are not. To me that is what makes life special.

In the riding world, we are often as segregated as other areas of our lives. Most riding groups are homogoneous in one way or another and most often amound racial lines, just like most of our churchs. I think that the only people who are in mixed riding groups, or churches, for the matter, are those who consciously choose to be in that setting.

May the advent of a new political era also usher in a greater appreciation and respect for others.

Peace and the open road.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Teaching season around the corner

Got the email this week announcing sign ups for teaching the MC classes year.  My wife and I are going to go over the possibilities tomorrow.  With the granddaughters living with us, my schedule will be more reasonable.  I look to initially sign up to teach 10 classes during the season.  If the girls go home to their mother's during the season, I may pick up a few extra classes.  

Besides the excitement of teaching the classes, this year will be extra special.  My stepson Cornelius will likely be a range aid for most of the classes that I will teaching.  He took the BRC class that summer, but didn't get the M added to his license yet.  Since he doesn't turn 18 until February, it would have meant that he needed to take the test at the DMV on another bike.  Instead, he held onto the license waiver  and will add the M with no fan fair next month.  My wife is planning on purchasing a used Ninja 250 for him for his high school graduation.