Thursday, February 24, 2011


Over the past half year I have been following Jill Outside blog.  The draw for me have been the combination of her adventures, the photography, and the writing.  She just finished the Sustina 100, a ultra-run event in Alaska, running a 100 miles in Alaska’s winter towing a small sled.  The video below gives a sample of her experience.

2011 Susitna 100 from Jill Homer on Vimeo.

I dream of adventures.  Last year, my adventure was completing an off road triathlon.  Half mile swim, 10 mtn bike ride, and 4 mile trail run.  Before committing to the preparation I had never swam for workout.  My prep for the race began in December and the race was in August.  I put in a lot of time in the pool, on the bike, and not enough time running (lesson for next time).  Knowing that the race would occur put a little mental pressure to keep up the preparation.  The race itself was a blast and I didn’t not even dream of being competitive (run too slow and carrying too much weight).  The hardest thing for me was the period after the race, the void of not having the triathlon to train for.  The prep and the adventure was over.
The same has happened with the few motorcycle trips.  I have only have one that I would consider a full on adventure.  I rode from Chicago to Denver.  My wife flew out and we spent 4 days at my uncles.  After Abigail left, I took an 5oo mile day ride into the mountains.  To add to the experience, I dealt with rain and winds throughout the drip.  I remember going back to work after a week and a half playing felt strange like I should still be out there on the road going somewhere
Here’s to getting in adventures.

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