Thursday, March 5, 2009

Winter begins to crack

The deep freeze that the Windy City has endured this winter is beginning to crack. Earlier in the week we were still experiencing highs in the 20's. Today a warm spells is in the forecast with a high in the mid 50s. On the walk from home to the train, I spotted a full dresser Harley and an older BMW on the road. Sitting in my office, I noticed a coworker walking by wearing his Fieldsheer riding suit. He rides a Suzuki 1200 Bandit.

As for myself, I will be picking my Concours up from CSC today. I dropped it off the night before last for its 27000 maintenance.

My step-son is getting excited about get his Ninja 250R. Still likely that it will be a March 31 pickup. It's still in a crate in a warehouse somewhere in Ohio. Looking for it to be delivered to the shop this month and get the frame sliders installed prior to picking it up.


bobskoot said...

We've had the same unpredictable weather up here (Vancouver,BC). For the past couple of weeks, except for early morning frost, temps have been spring-like, so no riding to work but by mid morning all the roads are clear & dry. I have been riding a bit, esp on weekends but winter is returning this weekend. Expected to go below freezing and snow forecast for Sat and Sun. We are hoping that this is the "last" of winter as spring is nearly here.
I keep my commuter insured all year around, but my motorcycle (SV650K4) is all serviced and ready to to. The last thing I do every year is to get all the fluids changed, "install" fuel stabilizer, etc and plug into the Battery maintainer. Only thing I didnt' do was raise the tires OFF the ground. At it's FI there is usually no problems getting it started in the spring. Last year I had some major maintenance items done. New Michelin Pilot powers, Clutch + cable, Brakes, antifreeze flush and new chain, locking Top Box 44L, and Cortech Saddle bags.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Doug C said...

I am excited for you. Warmer temps arrived in the the Ohio valley yesterday, preceeded by single digits onm Monday and Tuesday. Go figure.

I know my co-workers and, more importantly, my spouse is happy that the Boulevard is rolling again!

Ride well.

irondad said...

I've taught in the snow, hail, and now a deluge. Warmer weather can't get here fast enough. Of course, then I'll be complaining about the heat!

Baron's Life said...

Spring's here folks... Let's do some serious riding

Lance said...

Jeffry, just was able to get a ride in myself, after waiting several long weeks with snow, rain, etc. It was nice, and I wish for you some nice riding weather.