Monday, March 30, 2009

Plans for more training

I have tried over the last couple of years to get into the Experienced Rider Course offered by the UIUC Motorcycle Rider Program (of which I am an instructor for the basic course). The first attempt was on a cold rainy day and not enough students showed up to begin the course. Last year, I was scheduled for one on a rainy 32 degree day of which I would have had to ride 40 miles over many bridges. I sat that one out (it was cancelled due to lack of students).

I just got my confirmation of my registration for the ERC at Triton Community College for the last Sunday of July. I also registered Neil, who will have had 4 months of riding experience on his 09 Ninja 250. Maybe he was the lucky charm.

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Sojourner rides said...

Advance courses are essential to keeping one sharp. I take the Ride Chicago's SRTT class each year. It is a tough course based on the Japenese style of street riding where emphasis is put on using the lower body, thighs and legs to ride efficiently. It is a physically demanding course. I'm going to try out the ERC some day too.