Monday, March 23, 2009

New ride in the family stable

Picked up my stepson's brand spanking new 2009 blue Ninja 250R last Thursday. Mind you his only riding experience was the MSF class last July and nothing since then.

Day one, rocking using the friction zone, power walking, shifting 1, 2, 3rd on our dead end no traffic street.

Day two, playing follow the leading in our subdivision, Homewood Estates, for about 30 miles. He was exhausted. Getting a new bike has helped ease him into the use of the throttle as he need keeps in no higher than 5000 rpms which only gets him to around 35 mph in sixth gear. The break in limit will last until 500 miles.

Day three, 3 different rides (only one with me) in the subdivision. Today he focused on adjust speed for cornering and planning his path of travel (outside-inside-outside).

At the end of day 4 he is up to 120 miles.

The frame sliders I ordered for the bike aren't in yet. When they get in we will have them put on.

The UIUC Motorcycle Rider Program instructor update is this upcoming Sunday. I have signed up to teach 11 classes. My stepson has signed up to range aid for 28 classes this year. He is graduating from HS in June and the range aiding will provide some cash to help pay for his college textbooks, pay for some the bike, and save for a car. It will also keep him focused on MC safety. I hope that with range aiding so many classes, he will consider going through the instructor program sometime in the future.


irondad said...

AS an instructor, I'm curious about this range aid thing. What all do these folks do? How much are they paid?

It's cool watching a new rider explore, isn't it?

Charlie6 said...

sounds like you're breaking him in right....full ATGATT I assume?

Jeffry said...

Cornelius will be ATGATT just like me.

As far as the range aid, they are paid $8.25 an hour. Range aides help with prepping the bikes, checking oils, tire pressure. They also help moving all of those cones for the BRC, which are alot when compared with the BRT. Depending on the class schedule, they usually get 15 or 16 paid hours of our 20 hour course. Check out the range aid page at

Beside getting the money, I suspect that he will get some good mentoring as I only matched him up with instructors that fit the mentoring role.