Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A little updating

Non-MC related:

Looks like my granddaughters will be with us at least through the summer. The routine is there and I really feel good about what my wife and I are able to do with them and for them during this time. They finished their first ice skating classes and I signed them up for another 6 sessions. Weekend only activities are the only option given our work schedules.

MC related:

U of I MRP class registration is open for online enrollment. It went live at classes are already full for the first several sessions for each of the various sites. In adjusting to my to responsibilities and working with my wife, I have signed up to teach 9 weekend classes and 2 9-1 M-F classes. Might as well burn a little vacation time making some money and teaching classes. My first class of the session is a Thursday/Saturday setup that begins April 9th. Of the various session taught, the two week Th 6-10 Sat 8-3 is my favorite to teach. It leaves Saturday evening and all day Sunday open.

We are field testing a Intermediate Rider Course that requires familiarity with riding and will only be a Th 6-10 and Sat 8-3. I did notice that if required the rider to have a valid drivers license in addition to a MC permit. So for those riding who want to get legal, it will only cost them 10 hours vs the full 20 hours in order to get the license waiver from the program. I don't know how it will be taught in the classroom or what exercises will be used yet. I will learn all of this at the one day update on March 29. I will be curious how well the students will have accessed their readiness for the Intermediate Course.

The current plan for Neil's MC is to pay a little more off on the layaway and get the bike at the end of March. I have had fun exploring stuff to add to the Ninja 250. Neil likes the idea of adding frame sliders from Intuitive Racing to protect the plastic on his newbie ride. Given my orientation, I will probably spring for led license plate cover to give him some more visibility. That will do it.


Baron's Life said...

Jeffry, glad to hear about the Grand Daugthers...hope you have a good family time together.
I like the intermediate rider course giving a waiver on the number of hours required to get legal. I think we have something similar here in the PVW of Canada. Will check it out

irondad said...

I think it would be cool to have munchkins around again. I believe I would make a better father now than when I actually had kids at home. Not that I was a bad Dad, mind you! I'm just more settled and better able to look outwards.

We have an intermediate rider course. It's one day with half a day in the classroom and half a day in the range. For the most part the students do a good job assessing their qualifications.

I actually like this course. Most of the students have been riding without an endorsement for years. I feel like I really make a difference to these since they can actually benefit more than a brand new rider.

Are you charged up for teaching?

Lance said...

Jeffry, glad to read all is well with you, your wife and the grandkids. That's real nice what you are doing for your stepson - the Ninja is a great bike, and I see you have steered him in the right direction safety-wise.

Sojourner rides said...

I was amazed at how fast some of the classes filled. We had been watching so that Dave could get in the experienced course. He managed to get in and is looking forward to his class.

Sojourner rides said...

BTW, you're are doing at least two great things with your grandchildren: 1) creating memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives; 2) planting seeds that will bear fruit in important, good ways.