Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lawmakers cave to Illinois Abate on Helmet Law

Illinois Senate bill 1351 was defeated yesterday. The bill would have request the use of DOT helmets by all motorcyclists in Illinois. Abate of Illinois did a good job on contacting all State Senators.

I think that it is sad as I believe that Illinois should require the use of helmets like most of the states including California and New York, see AMA for the helmet laws by state. Yes I did contact my State Senator to voice my support for the bill, however I am sure that she received hundreds of calls opposing the law. The argument that it about freedom of choice is not logical. It is a public safety issue no different than the used of seat belts. Such a law would have alleviated the need for a local fundraiser for a biker with head and face injuries who rode without a helmet. Over time, who will be paying his medical bills? You and I.

So, thank you again Abate for demonstrating how special interests groups dictate the votes of elected officials.


bobskoot said...

It just doesn't feel safe to ride without a helmet. Here in British Columbia we DO have helmet laws. I remember a time, probably 2 decades ago when I had my GS1100L we (my riding buddy & I) decided to cross the US/Cdn border into WA state where, at that time, did not have a helmet law. There was a rule whereby if you had "eye protection" (windshield, goggles, glasses, etc) and kept your headlights ON, you could ride without a helmet on. We crossed the border and headed towards Bellingham. A short time later we stopped near Birch Bay to assess the situation and decided to put our helmets back on. It just didn't feel safe.
Here in British Columbia the helmet law was struck down for religious reasons. The Sihks challenged the law and proclaimed that it was against their religion to remove their turbans and that this was discrimination against their beliefs, so they are now legally allowed to ride with just turbans on.

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Conchscooter said...

If the helemt law were just the question of who pays for medical bills it's simple enough: we lack any kind of civilized universal coverage so if you bonk your noggin and it was unprotected and you have no medical coverage- oh well. I have health insurance- does that make it okay for me to ride without a helmet?

Jeffry said...

Nice point about universal health coverage. It is my opinion that wearing helmets is part of what should be required to operate a motorcycle or scooter nationwide.

Sojourner rides said...


Amen! I'm with you 1000% on this.

Daniel said...

Let those who ride decide. You worry about your head, I'll worry about mine. And I respectfully reserve my RIGHT to ride as I please.