Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time to reflect

Here I sit, warming up after the walk from the train to the library in 13 degrees weather. The library is quiet, not because it is a library, but because it's New Year's Eve and the university is on break. The stillness allows the time and space to reflect the ending and beginning of another year.

Motorcycling this year had a different flavor than the two years prior. No long rides to speak of. The longest day ride of the year was 600 miles for a visit to my son in Southern Illinois. While I enjoyed teaching the MC classes, I am committed to not carrying the load of another 21 classes in a teaching season again. The faces of the students are still in my memory. I imagine that the longer that I teach, to more likely it will be that I run into people that have been in my classes.

While I continue to be a member of 2 MC groups, I feel less connected. With the schedule that I was keeping, I often missed meetings and can't think of a single group ride that I was able to attend. Admittedly, group riding has much of the initial appeal. On the other hand, I feel a stronger bond to the friendship that have developed with other instructors.

My motorcycling life for 2009 is looking fuzzy. The Concours will be ridden and I will teach motorcycle classes. Both will be in moderation, particularly as long as my granddaughters continue in my care. Spending time with the girls is helping me appreciate life more and to see the happiness. As the weather warms in early Spring, I imagine the fun that Anasia (6 year old) will have taking short rides with me to the local public library or to Starbucks. Anasia had her first rides with me this past year as she comfortably reached the passenger footrests. Before you start shaking your head, know that she will geared appropriately and the rides are short.

If free time is in short supply, I imagine that an occasional ride to work will be one way to get my MC fix.

Reading other MC blogs will continue to feed my MC needs. Thanks to all of you bloggers who share your rides and thoughts with us.

Happy New Year



bobskoot said...

I too share many of your sentiments regarding comaradarie of local motorcycle groups and resulting lack of "bonding" . I also feel more connected to the MCblogs than the physical local community, although I do make an appearance once in a while. When our family was growing up I also took a vacation away from riding, but times have changed and I have returned. You too will return when the time is right. have a Happy New Year and all the best for 2009.

Lance said...

Jeffry, my best to you, your wife, your grandkids and the rest of your family for 2009! Enjoy this season with your grandkids - while your riding will be less intensive this year, it will be all the more precious.

Earl Thomas said...

Though 2009 looks a little fuzzy for me as well, Spring can't get here soon enough so that I can begin to sort some of that fuzziness out!

Here's wishing you and your family good health and a safe 2009.

Ride Well