Friday, December 12, 2008

Life upside down

As winter really settles in, the MC is coming to life less. The motorcycle classes are a distant memory. Looking forward to the next riding and teaching season, I feel unsure about it all.

One week ago, my 4 and 6 year old granddaughters were placed with my wife and I by DCFS. No words can express the emotional roller coaster that I have experienced. The girls will probably be with us for at least 6 months. From my wife's experience, it will take that long for my daughter to work with the agency to make the changes necessary for the girls return to her care. My wife is a social worker as has helped make the right connections to get services like daycare in place. The six year old started school Tuesday and the 4 year old started daycare Monday.

The girls are a blessing and as everyone adjusts, their will be a lot of love going on here. Once the winter has passed, I am imagining that late night rides after the girls are in bed and my wife is lounging will be the extent of my riding. Teaching the MC classes will not take place because it would be unfair for me to ask my wife to watch the girls while I was away. I may be able to get a few weekday classes in during the summer.

Everything will work out.


bobskoot said...

There will always be a time to ride when circumstances are right. That was the reason that I took a holiday from riding for many years, it just felt too selfish to do something by myself when the rest of my family needed me & also the perceived danger . . . You are doing the right (responsible & admirable) thing and YES, everything somehow manages to work out

Jeffry said...

Thanks for the supportive comment. Things are falling into place and life goes on. The girls are bringing a lot of laughter and joy with them.

Lady Ridesalot said...

I'm sure you'll find a way to balance your time. You'll be surprised at how efficient you'll become at time managing.

The fact that you are an important role in your granddaughter's lives is most rewarding. It will all work out.

irondad said...

I took a break from teaching when the kids were growing up. As much as I love it, the kids deserved my attention on weekends. However, the bikes were always present. You have to weigh the risks, of course, but the kids got regular short rides with me. I'd even pick them up from school once in a while on a bike. They were the envy of classmates.

Now I have three of the four who ride. We're close and some of us ride together. Kind of the best of both worlds.

You have my deepest respect for stepping up and taking the munchkins. It's hard to think of having young ones around full time at our age. Big picture, though, the girls need you and your stability for a while. All three of them. Hopefully this is a temporary eddy and the flow will smooth out.

Lance said...

Jeffry, thanks for your post. Know for sure that the grandkids are blessed to have you and your wife as grandparents. My prayers go out to your whole family as you work through this. You will make it!

Sojourner rides said...

Life can really challenge us. Your granddaughters will always be grateful that granddad--and grandma were able to step in and take care of them. And, as one who was raised in part by both maternal and paternal grandparents, there is a very special place in heaven for such grandparents.