Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter dreams

The snow has continued to fall, adding more inches to the already cold crusty layers cause by the sub zero temperatures. Walking yesterday in 6 degrees temperature through Hyde Park, saw a sad looking black BMW R 65 parked on the street. The beemer didn't look like it had moved seen the wintry weather began last week. The turn signals were broken, but otherwise the ride seemed to be intact. With all of the wind, there was only a thin layer of crusty snow on the seat. I was tempted to check the speedometer, but felt to self-conscious.

Given the age of the beemer, I am sure that it has enjoyed many a road. Like seeing a stray puppy, I wanted to take her home to my heated garage, nurse it back to prime, and ride!!!!

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Charlie6 said...

It's not too late to save it!

I see a yamaha regularly during my commute at this apartment complex, she too has never moved and is exposed to the elements....sad isn't it?

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