Saturday, January 10, 2009

Teaching season around the corner

Got the email this week announcing sign ups for teaching the MC classes year.  My wife and I are going to go over the possibilities tomorrow.  With the granddaughters living with us, my schedule will be more reasonable.  I look to initially sign up to teach 10 classes during the season.  If the girls go home to their mother's during the season, I may pick up a few extra classes.  

Besides the excitement of teaching the classes, this year will be extra special.  My stepson Cornelius will likely be a range aid for most of the classes that I will teaching.  He took the BRC class that summer, but didn't get the M added to his license yet.  Since he doesn't turn 18 until February, it would have meant that he needed to take the test at the DMV on another bike.  Instead, he held onto the license waiver  and will add the M with no fan fair next month.  My wife is planning on purchasing a used Ninja 250 for him for his high school graduation.  


irondad said...

I'm teaching our first class of the year on the 24th and 25th of this month. Last year I taught 26 classes. Right now I have 10 less than that on the books. Now, if only I can learn to say "No" to extra duties!

I love to teach classes but, like you say, it can take over.


Jeffry said...

Our classes don't begin until the first weekend of April. Even then we could end up having a class like I did last year. It rained all day with a high of 40's. Pretty unpleasent, especially for the rider with cotton gloves and jean without any rain gear.

Sojourner rides said...

Wishing Cornelius good luck! What a nice present--that Ninja is one I'd like to own. The gas mileage it gets is unbelievable. Good luck with whatever amount of teaching you manage to accomplish.