Saturday, April 18, 2009

First MC class of the season, half pass

Today was the last day of my first 20 hour Basic Motorcycle Class offered by the UIUC Motorcycle Rider Program. This class was at South Suburban College. The range for the class is pretty rough with plenty of cracks and dips. Anyhow, on the fourth day of the course, only 8 of the original 12 students started the day. The riding progressed fine but I knew a few of the rider were going to have issues during the riding evaluation. One particular person just couldn't get comfortable above 8 mph so it was hard for this rider to acquired the skills needed. The rider was actually surprised that she didn't passes the riding evaluation as the rider stated "you're kidding me that I didn't pass." Well I wasn't and the rider didn't . The rider already has a HD sporty picked out and the rider was wearing all HD gear. The rider showed up with a HD half helmet put wasn't allowed to wear it.

More personally disappointing was a rider who was doing fine and progressed throughout the course. However on the quick stop of the evaluation, grabbed the front brake, skidded the front tire a bit and dropped the bike. Dropping a MC during the riding evaluation is an automatic failure. The rider was really frustrating.

Even though only half of the remaining students passes, all of them learned a lot and made progress. They were also a joy to work with. First of 11 classes is done.


Derek said...

Good luck with the new season. That reminds me, I've got to check on the availability of ERC's in my area.

Jeffry said...

My stepson and I are scheduled to take the ERC in July. Can't wait.

Sojourner rides said...

It would be a bit tough for me to handle the "surprised" students who don't pass. I wonder if they realize that not passing is a sign that could save their life. Just take the class again and again if necessary.