Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Need to ride alone

I just returned from American Library Association Annual Conference. Annual was in Anaheim, CA, right next to Disney. The conference was okay and I did get to see lane splitting by motorcycles for the first time. I don't think I would try it with my wide Concours, but on a smaller bike maybe. On the flight out, I came across a nice article in Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine. The article Why I travel solo resonated with me. When talking with my wife about bike trips I want to make, so frequently asks me wouldn't I want to have another rider along with me. The author hits a few familiar thoughts about solo travel that so appealing, the freedom and lack of consideration that solo travel entails. My daily and familial life is dictated by considering others, I don't my my motorcycle travel be a compromise too.

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Sojourner rides said...

I ride solo. I have put 25,000 miles on solo. I've don't have to synch my bladder with anyone else; I ride as much as little as I want; I stop when and where I desire; I can tour or just ride. I can have uninterrupted thoughts.

I must negotiate most of the other areas of my life, I ride to be one with me. My husband is returning to riding and others feel relieved that I'll have someone to ride with. But it isn't true, really. I can see us doing an occasional day ride together but ALL of my multi-day trips will continue to be solo. They are solo for reasons that have nothing to do with whether he rides or not. I hear family (extended) and friend's negative views about a woman out there alone, but I remind them that I feel less safe walking the streets than I do on a bike.

Thanks for the link!