Sunday, July 20, 2008

It only takes one

Wipe out and apprehension

Saturday was the 3rd day of a 4 day Basic Rider Course. The rain was off and on all morning. The classroom portion of the course was done and we had just begun the swerve to avoid an obstacle. One student who had not exhibited smooth controls and too much speed the entire course was next. He was going way too fast for the exercise. My co-instructor yelled for him to slow down. The student began the swerve and "grabbed" the front brake. A major low side fall ensued. The student was bruised scraped but okay enough to keep riding. His fall effected the all of the other students confidence. The rest of the day, all of the students were riding with a little apprehension. At least of them now now the consequences of braking and swerving as well as grabbing the front brake. Later in the class the speeds were back up to training levels and 8 of 11 passed the riding evaluation.


Sojourner rides said...

8/11--those are good stats! On one of the forums I frequent, a recent class had 65% failure rate!

Jeffry said...

Worst so far this year for me was 4 of 8 passing. Last year I witnessed the class on the range next to mine have only 2 of 12 passed.