Thursday, June 26, 2008

One screw, one and a half hours later

Giving my Concours a much needed bath, I noticed that the rear fender assembly was loose on one side. I found the culprit screw that was completely unscrewed on the left side of the rear end. I tried to start the screw into the fastener for twenty minutes without removing anything on the bike. Then with a Clymer Manual in hand, I remove the side luggage, the side luggage posts, the side luggage bar, the top case, the top case mounting plate, the mounting plate spacers, the bungee hooks, and finally the rear fairing to reveal and give access to the screw and fairing u-nut for the rear fender. The u-nut wouldn't line up for me. Luckily, I had ordered a supply of fairing u-nuts when I ordered the black stainless steel screw set for the Connie. Once the new u-nut was in place the screw went right into place and the rear fender assembly was secure. While frustration simmered during the process, I felt a sense of accomplishment by taking so much of my motorcycle apart and back together. Far from a waste of time.

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Sojourner rides said...

Congrats! You're right, doing things for ourselves on our bikes is a great sense of accomplishment!

I'd like to buy an old Honda CB360 in horrible shape and learn to restore and fix it up. I learned to ride on one in the late 70s and have never forgotten that experience. I'd love to learn how to "wrench." I can only do the very basics--important for a solo traveler, but still very basic.