Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month - Illinois

IDOT had press events promoting Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Illinois today. John Sudlow, Director of the UIUC MRP, sent out an email announce the events. One of the locations was the Illinois Emergency Traffic Management Center near the White Sox stadium. Since I didn't need to be at work until noon (I work late on Tuesdays) and the event was at 10:00, I decided to go. While still in the burbs, I had to execute a quick swerve to avoid a van pulling out of a side street and into my lane. One of the aspects of MC month, is the campaign to start seeing motorcycles. Too bad the woman driving the van that almost hit me didn't see me.

The press event was small and only attended by CLTV and ABC7 News. I was wearing my IL MRP Staff jacket and was ask to speak about the program, go figure as this is just my second season teaching.

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Sojourner rides said...

I saw the tv coverage and later read a couple of newspaper articles on the campaign. I wrote a blog that I haven't yet posted about my beef with the stress/focus of the campaign, which seemed on tv--and in the papers-to focus on the dangers of riding a motorcycle rather than on dangers posed to motorcycling riding as a result of really really careless automobile drivers. The emphasis to me, ought to have been on at the very least, more balanced. Gas prices are increasing the presence of two-wheeled vehicles and drivers of four wheels need to really be educated about seeing, respecting, and sharing the rode safely with others. On a regular basis I see drivers driving with phone in the crook of their necks, not wanting to turn their head to check what's around or behind them. This more balanced emphasis is not to dismiss the bad motorcyclists I see out there. Enough ranting...