Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Slow, but still going

My 45th birthday was Saturday.  I enjoyed a late lunch with my brother at Flossmoor Brewery.  He was up for the day from Champaign.  He and a cousin went to a memorabilia show to get a picture together with Dick Buckus.  That evening Abigail and I kept it simple going to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  This was an un-birthday. What I mean was that is truly was like any other day with the exception of seeing my brother and calls from parents and siblings.  There was a part of me that wanted to feel special, to have cake and a party.  Since that wasn’t the case I locked into it’s my birthday, a good day, living a good life, it’s all okay. Living within a budget there was nothing extravagant to plan while we focus on 3 year debt free plan or a milestone (I have 3 years to plan or at least may sure I save up for my wife’s 60th).

To occupy myself while I waited on my brother, I turned my attention to some bike maintenance.  Bike as in the pedaling kind.  In particular, I hadn’t paid an attention to the mountain bike that I have used to commute to the train all winter long.  The most that I have done is to keep the chain oiled.  The bike got a good wash and the drivetrain took a while to degrease.  There was all kinds of grit in the chain, derailleurs, and cassette.  I ended up sudsing it up and spraying off with the hole some of the debris.  Then came out a bike chain cleaner contraption that finished the job.  I still spent more time with a rag getting the stubborn stuff out of the derailleurs.  After a couple hours of drying, on went fresh lube.  The bike has many nicks, scratches, and rough spots but looks good for a 10 year old well used bike.  With the cleaning a lube, it looks solid and rides smooth.  The bike will get me to where I need to go with a smile as well as take me through a second triathlon.  I somehow am identifying with the bike.

My workouts are increasing a little.  In particular, I know that I am not a runner.  I haven’t been one (a runner) for over 20 years.  I jog a couple days a week.  For the last 2 months I have added long slow (12 minute miles) on the weekends.  I do set the stopwatch to get a sense on how slow I am running.  Being a competitive person, it’s hard to keep the “you should be running faster” monster from harassing me.  I am running 10 minute miles for the short runs.  For the longer runs, I am just enjoying the movement, the process of slogging along.  If I am able to keep up the slogging, I may consider a Tecumsah Marathon in Bloomington Indian.  The entries are around 400, the route is 90% dirt trails while 3800 ft ascending and 3500 descending through 2 state forests.   I did it 6 years ago in 5:30.  For much of the race I was simply running by myself through forests. 

Side note, I ran across a coyote on the side streets while riding the bicycle to the train this morning.  It was almost like it thought I was chasing it for a moment until it made a quick exit after running for a block in front of me.  

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bobskoot said...


Happy belated Birthday. What a youngster you are. May you have many more years of riding and good memories

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