Monday, March 21, 2011

First Aid and turkey time

Saturday was a morning of Red Cross First Aid  with an afternoon of CPR.  My certifications expire this summer, so I needed to get this done.   One of the MC instructors does the training for the program out of his home.  Very interesting person, Gene is.  He works for Exxon and gets month long assignments.  He recently returned from a month in Angola.  The next assignment is Saudi Arabia.  He stays home for a month in between assignments.  For lunch he grilled burgers and what do you think 10 MC instructors talked about, motorcycles.  A couple of my favorite instructors were there so it made for a good day.

Sunday was a day with periods of intense thunderstorms and showers.  The seemed to be a slight window of opportunity late in the afternoon to get outside.  I had originally planned to just right the bicycle to the library and play on the netbook for a while.  I changed into some workout clothes, clipped on my new waterproof pannier on the mt bike, tucked in the netbook along with raingear.  It was 3:30 when I left the house.  As I approached the library, I decided that I would ride along a little farther, maybe down to Old Plank Trail.  Once I made it to the trail, I arrived at a natural point to pull off and make it a nice loop home.  Well, the sun was going to be out for a couple more hours, so I kept going deciding that I would ride to Frankfort.  Around 2 miles east of Frankfort, I came across a brood of wild turkeys.  For almost a 1/4 of a mile there is wire fencing bordering the trail as there are sharp drop offs on both sides.  I slowed as I approached and took out the camera.  I straddle walked the bike right past them and they kept coming closer. 



After several nice shots, I finished riding to downtown Frankfort.  I was thirsty, didn’t have a water bottle because I hadn’t planned on a long ride, and the water fountains were turned off (will have freezing temps for awhile off and on).  Lucky for me the convenient shop was open to get a low cal sports drink.  On the return ride, I fought the urge to ride harder.  A woman on a hybrid bike slowly passed me.  She had thinner smooth tires and was riding in a higher gear.  I was treating my ride like an early season ride, leaving it in 2 on the front, 4 on the back, purposefully working on a smoother higher cadence rhythm.  I knew that I could up the gears and pass her back up.  Instead I reminded myself that I was out for a nice ride and to work on the form along the way. 

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