Monday, November 2, 2009

Times changing at local dealership

My local dealership has become a causality of the economic down turn. They have decided to change from a dealership (with parts, gear, and great service) to a motorcycle service center. Maintaining their status as a new bike dealership for the 4 Japanese brands was costing them too much. I have prepaid maintenance package on both our bikes with them with 2 years left on both bikes. In the long run, maybe by the time I need to buy new again, the economy will have picked up and they will have new bikes again. As for now, I am hoping that they weather this period.


bobskoot said...


I'm thinking how lucky you are that they remained in business to take advantage of your prepayment. Basically your money has already been spent (from their point of view) and your future services will have to be done "free"

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Sojourner rides said...

If the is the dealership in the south suurbs--I heard about this through Dave, my husband. I hope that they survive too. The south 'burbs needs the service for sure.

Derek said...

I'm always a little worried about my favorite local motorcycle shop. Used to be packed with bikes and having them do any maintenance nearly required a reservation. Now, I can almost walk the bike in and get anything short of major engine repair done without the wait. Not a good sign for them.