Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Almost back to normal

This is somewhat related to my MC life. On December 5th of 2008, my granddaughters were placed in my home as a relative foster care placement. Tomorrow, Anasia and Paige are moving back home with my daughter, just a week short of a year. While I was not free to roam on the Connie, my life has been greatly enhances by my two angels. My wife was a big trooper as she watched "my" granddaughter on weekends that allowed me to teach 15 motorcycles classes (20hrs apiece). My stepson Neil made life easier by dropping the girls off at daycare in the morning and picking them up so that they arrived home as I did from work. I will get Neil a helmet holding backpack to use when riding his Ninja to Prairie State College.

As my last official foster parent act, I picked up Anasia at daycare on the Connie to ride to her school. I had a parent teacher conference at 4:00. She was smiling so big when I walked into her area of the daycare (actually before and after program for Anasia) in my gear with a helmet for her to wear. She was the cool one then. Paige will be big enough to reach the footrest on the Connie come next riding season.

I believe my own daughter has grown a whole lot this past her, gotten her head in the right place, working, not depressed and drinking. The girls are beyond excited to be moving back home. There was be a big gap in my day to day living, but life will be going back to they way it is supposed to be. Some of the gap will be filled with the Connie.
So as a prelude to Thanksgiving, I am most grateful for the blessing of being able to care for them this past year and all that they added to my life.


bobskoot said...


Looking on the bright side, you were the man of the hour when the "chips were down" and you took them in for the past year sacrificing yourself and most of your spare time. You're going to miss the patter of little feet running around the house, of course, you could always volunteer to babysit when the mood arises.
While riding time is going to be more abundant, too bad the first snow is on the horizon. I think the girls are thankful that you were there for them. They are going to miss you too

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Jeffry said...

I am planning on a once a month Amtrak ride (in winter) to spend the weekend. It will also give my daughter some break time.

Possible snowflakes in the next few days.

Mike said...

Very nice post. Your granddaughters are blessed to have you and your wife as grandparents. Surely this past year has and will have an impact on their lives. It's good to hear your daughter is doing better too.

irondad said...

Bittersweet, eh? Glad they're back with their Mother, but it won't be the same for a while, will it?

Congratulations on the 15 classes, as one instructor to another.

Sojourner rides said...

They will never forget how you also changed and added to their lives. You all are blessed to be in a position to step in. On behalf of children who lived with grandparents, as I did, I want to say Thanks for stepping up and hanging in...

Lance said...

Jeffry, the girls are precious, and they are blessed to have grandparents like you and your wife. My best wishes for 2010!

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