Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quick 240 mile daytrip

My schedule originally had me attending an accessibility software training up in Mount Prospect Tuesday. The plan was to ride the motorcycle and get mileage reimbursement for the 100 mile total I would have rode to attend the workshop. A few days before the training the email came indicating the training would be postponed due to low enrollment. My work schedule was already clear so "day trip" became the plan.

Called my Dad to see if he was working Tuesday and wanted to do their lunch thing (my father, grandfather, and brother) meet for lunch once a week in Champaign. I knew I would her it again from my wife as they will only meet at Hooters, but what could I do.

Left home around 8:00 and 42 degrees. If was sunny which help added some warmed. My first pair of heated gloves were still on backorder (rats). From Homewood to Champaign is about 115 miles of pure Interstate 57. Call me boring, but I love riding the interstate once out of the big city traffic. No intersections to worry about and a constant 70 miles per hour.

I first stopped at my daughter's apartment to drop off a winter coat for her as well as some heavy sweaters. Rode of over to Hooters for lunch with the "boys." Afterwards, stopped by the Illinois Motorcycle Rider Program office to visit with the full time folks. Back to my daughter's for the important thing. My granddaughter is in Kindergarten and I wanted to surprise her. My daugher, granddaughter Paige, and I walked to Anasia's school. Seeing Anasia coming out of school wearing her backpack and a smile was the highlight of the ride.

Windows Live Spaces

Of course I needed to take care of a few things for the daughter which made me miss my planned departure time of 3:00. I didn't leave until 5:00 and rode in the dark cold dusk from around 5:45-7:15. The temperature had dropped from the 50's to back in the low 40's. Once the sun dipped below the horizon, the air definitely chilled. Then only real cold part for me were the back of the hands. I thought to ride for a while and take a break to warm up. Then it became an adventure to tough it out and ride straight through.

It was a good day.

PS. The shop called today to say my Gerbings G3 gloves are in.


Earl Thomas said...

As a motorcyclist who lives and rides in the dry air of the Inland Northwest, my morning commutes can be somewhat "Brisk" year round. It is not uncommon to have the temperatures hover around the mid-40's even in the middle of summer in the early morning hours. Over the years that'll kind of "leather you up" as a stubborn rider who refuses to put the bike away for the winter.

This year, I too have decided to get the heated Gerbings and I am anxiously waiting for their arrival (still on backorder). I've had a couple of rides to work already in 20 degree temperatures and I'm eager to see how well the Gerbings will do. With my electric vest and quilted riding gear, surprisingly the only part of me that is chilled at the end of my 30 minute commute are my fingertips. Hopefully the Gerbings arrive before Spring!

Ride Well


Jeffry said...

I just picked up the gerbings jacket liner. Of course now that I have the gloves and jacket liner it's in the 60's. The cold will return shortly so that I may give them a real trial. My gloves took almost 3 weeks to arrive at my local shop but the jacket liner just a week.

Lance said...

Jeffry, it looks like it was a fantastic day. You were with your family (by the way, you have every right to be a proud grandfather!), the weather was nice, and you got to ride...oh, and you got to go to Hooters!