Friday, September 12, 2008

Too much of a good things

With monetary needs of home and my struggling daughter, my need for additional money is apparent. During the riding season, it has meant that instead of spending a weekend riding, I have spent quite a bit of time. By the end of the teaching season, I will have taught a full 17 classes and filled in for some of the day for another 4 classes. Each class is 20 hours, but by the time you take into account the prep/set-up time and putting everything away, it's closer to 26 hours per class. I am currently at the beginning of teaching 6 classes in 6 weekends, which means I leave the house by 6:15 and return home around 7:30 both Saturday and Sunday. I will be tired and a little worn out when it is all done.

However I absolutely have to count my blessings. Even in the midst of being tired, I still enjoy teaching each of the class. I would have to make the money doing something that I wouldn't enjoy.

I will have to remember that when I will be outside in the rain for at least 8 hours tomorrow.

It's all good.


Earl Thomas said...

I have been asked on a couple of occasions to consider getting involved in teaching in the MSF courses where I live and ride.

I question whether or not I would be an effective teacher, then again, I would also like to help others get a positive start on something that has been an enormous part of who I have been for the past 34 years. Then there is the dedication to the time schedule. All of these things, I have to consider over the winter months.

I admire what you are doing though. It is a noble thing to sacrifice your personal time to give others a chance to experience something entirely new and hopefully give them a safe beginning as well.

I applaud you.

Ride Well


Sojourner rides said...

Like Earl, I've thought of the teaching route too. Perhaps if I had my entire summers off, I could do that. I'm working toward that as a goal--having the summers off. Maybe then I can see entering a teaching certificate program. I'm still close to my motorcycle safety instructors--great teachers are memorable! Thanks for passing on the joy...

Jeffry said...

After the initial commitment of the 80 hour instructor prep course, they only require that you teach enough classes to maintain your certification. I believe the quota is as low as 2-3 classes a year. Do let my overboard teaching schedule as the schedule that everyone has. If you are interested, you may just have to make some serious inquiries.