Monday, September 22, 2008

Our "daily" bread

While spending time meditating this morning, I had focused in on the "our daily bread" section of the lord's prayer. That idea of having what is necessary and being satisfied. In turn this led me to contemplate my obsessive focus on riding, riding gear, accessories, other bikes, and the list goes on. The fever has been terrible for quite some time. While there is little left that I could add to the Concours, gear and apparel options are limitless.

I needed to take an honest look for what I have in terms of the bike and gear. At this point, there is nothing that I need, even if I were to take off for a month long adventure. I am going to having to recite this to myself on a frequent basic, so that I have that gratitude to appreciate what I have and what it allows me to do. With that I may get the freedom from preoccupation with "more" much like the freedom I enjoy while tooling down the road.

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Sojourner rides said...

I suffer a bit of this and must find strategies to keep it in control. Add to the motorcycle obsession, photography. I am really really trying to keep that in check.

Great post--cause a lot of reflection for me.