Monday, May 19, 2008

Everyone passes

I taught a 3 day Basic Rider Course at Lansing Airport this past weekend. It was my fourth class of the training season and my 15th overall. This weekends class was the first class where all of the riders (10 of 10) passed the riding and written evaluation. I needed this little boost because my last class only had 4 of 8 riders pass the riding evaluation. There really is no rhyme or reason, just chance. 20 hours of instruction (12 on the bikes) is not very long for an inexperienced person to learn how to ride a motorcycle. But even if they don't pass, they have learned enough that usually with practice or by taking a class again, they might get their license.

This was my first time teaching at the Lansing Airport. The course itself inspires a little confidence (or at least doesn't add to uneasiness). The riding course is a concrete airplane parking area off of an taxi area. Most of our other sites are asphalt with cracks, loose gravel, and some small pot holes. You may say good because it's like the road. Not me, it think it makes some student nervous trying to corning for the first time and crossing a 2 inch crack every lap. But we march on, teaching and facilitating the bright eyed enthusiasts. It is a joy to teach these classes.


Sojourner rides said...

I'm hoping you are my husband's instructor--he's signed up for a July class at the Lansing airport! He has his "M" license but hasn't been on a bike in more than 25 years.

Jeffry said...

He will enjoy the Lansing Airport classes. We use the Team Oregon curriculum there. The students get to ride a little more with this curriculum and I think there is a smoother skill progression vs the MSF program. There is not a better location to take a class than Lansing. The surface condition is perfect.

I won't be at Lansing in July, only Joliet Jr College and Bridgeview Courthouse. For August and September I am teaching at the King Drive Secretary of State location.