Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

The 3 day weekend was the first weekend that I have had off from teaching MC classes.  It was the last weekend off until after Halloween.  According to the schedule I will have taught 37 basic classes and 2 intermediate classes.  The intermediate classes are a compressed basic class (10 hours) and the students need to come knowing how to ride along with already having a permit.  The class is designed for returning riders and riders who are looking to get legit.  There are so many riders who get without either the permit or a license.  I have taught of few of the intermediate classes over the last couple of years.  The first two exercises are meant to be screening exercises.  If the rider doesn’t demonstrate efficient shifting and stopping skills, he/she is excused from the class and encouraged to take the full basic course.

The weekend was punctuated by carpet cleaning Saturday, church and a 9.5 mile run on Sunday, and a bicycle ride with my wife on Old Plank Trail.  I had looked forward to riding beyond our normal turnaround spot in downtown Frankfort.  However, when we arrived to find a Fall Festival taking place in it’s downtown.  We parked the bikes and walked like cattle from one craft vendor to the next.  After a granola bar and a drink, we pedaled back to Matteson. 



irondad said...

I can't remember if you all are teaching the BRC or our BRT program. I seem to remember Illinois being a state that had adopted the BRT, for some reason.

How's your son doing? Is he on the road to instructordom on his own?

Jeffry said...

The testing of the BRT was complete but from what I understand the other regions (there are four) didn't want to change and didn't even test it. So were are BRC only.

My stepson finished his IP two weeks ago. He was able to schedule 4 classes this season. His first is double BRC over the next two weekends (one am one pm class). He is pretty excited and I am pretty darn proud of him. At 20 years old to be an MSF Instructor is pretty cool. When he finishes his Criminal Justice Bachelor's degree, it should also boost his resume for police force applications.