Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lacking enthusiasm

Got the email from Gil yesterday letting us know that the instructor signup system would be live in a few days. Did I get excited? Not this time. There will be many classes that I teach this year and I will enjoy each of them. However, this will not be another year of 37 classes. My signup will be in moderation (still ranging around 20 classes). My passion is leaning toward getting in more of my own activity. Some of it will be on the motorcycle. Other time will include another triathlon, an ultra-run, and at least one bicycle event like a touring ride. I have created a master list of possible events that I am supposed to review with my wife this weekend. She is more level headed on will help me narrow down my selections. Once that is set, I will fill in the left over weekends with the motorcycle classes. Not only will I enjoy teaching them, teaching them is a key part of my getting out of debt plan. This time 3 years from now I should have freed up 1200 a month in consumer debt payment (hence my wife is helping to shape my consumer moderation, okay yes she is holding my credit cards).

I particularly am experiencing some wanderlust. Some national park should have my name on it this year.


bobskoot said...


good for you for allocating some time for yourself. I started my plan a few years ago and got myself uninvolved with clubs and other things to concentrate on what I wanted to do instead of continuing my usual routine. My time is now my time.

Wet Coast Scootin

irondad said...

Every year I make a similar resolve when it comes to teaching. People who know me just laugh at me.

If you make it work, please, please, tell me how you did it!

Jeffry said...

My wife reviewed all of the possible mc teaching assignments, plus 3 work conferences, a triathlon, a one week bicycle tour, and some other possible events. She helped to weed it down some and made me skip teaching 2 weekends after a long stretch of teaching. She also nixed a couple of fun events, but the triathlon and weeklong bicycle touring made the cut. Looks like I may still be around 30 classes this season starting in March and ending in October. However I will only burn 2 weeks of vacations teaching the MC classes instead of 5 weeks of vacation that I did last year.

FATTKAW said...

Ahh, when a hobby becomes a job it can kind of mess things up.
I hope your 2011 is a little more for you..

motoroz said...

I also hope you get to enjoy some time enjoying things you want to. Teaching can be fun but, sometimes you just have to get away. Rocky Mountain National Park is a great park - maybe it has your name on it this summer.