Monday, October 4, 2010

Half way there

Finished my fourth weekend teaching Motorcycles class Saturday/Sunday 7-7 in a row. Four more to go and the teaching season is over. Believe it or not, while a little tired, this is such a blast. My encourage this weekend came during the wrapup of the classes. During the sharing the last bit of information, one of the students interjected with "Jeff, I you are the man. You really know how to teach this stuff. I am going to tell everyone to take this class and try get you" I turned a little rosie in the cheeks and see thank you.

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irondad said...

Teaching my last class of the season next weekend. Kind of bitter sweet, isn't it?

It will be something like 30 for me. A number I've reached for 11 years running. Like you, I find it very fulfilling.

You're doing a great thing, my Brother in Arms!