Thursday, October 8, 2009

Can everyone ride a bicycle?

This is asked at the beginning of each basic motorcycle class. We say that we can teach you how to ride a motorcycle, but we don't have the time to teach 2 wheel balancing. Of course everyone says yes. And then I ask, are you sure. Of course everyone says yes. However, there is an occasional person who didn't go through the proper self evaluation. Their posture on the motorcycle clearly indicates that if there were ever on a bicycle, it was a decade or so ago. I wish that we had a generic bicycle at each site that we required riding by prospective students. It would definitely cut down on some accident reports that have to be written any time a bike/student goes down.


irondad said...

I totally agree. Sometimes I'm amazed by the people that come to class with no idea whatsoever of how things really work. They just expect us to make them a "motorcycle rider".

I just remind myself that we are providing a safe place to explore. If they discover that riding isn't for them, Score!

Sojourner rides said...

We had a guy in my safety class who said, "No, I don't know how to ride a bicycle--but what does that have to do with riding a motorcycle?" He was absolutely horrible in the class. By lunch time he was asked to sit out. He could not, for the life of him, keep the bike upright before having to put his feet down to save it from falling.

It was really distracting to the rest of us when riding near him.

bobskoot said...


During the summer I was visiting my dealer when a customer wanted to check out the 49cc scoots. They had a demo so suggested that he ride the scoot down the lane to try it out. After a short briefing, handbrakes, signal lights, off switch, etc he backed away to give the customer breathing space. The customer sat on the bike, started it and proceeded to ride down the lane. He wasn't going very fast and was heading towards some parked cars . . . then CRASH. Scoot is on its side scrunched under the wheel well. Damage about $450. to replace plastic panels, front fender, and broken mirror.

It was then that I suggested that prospective customers first ride a bicycle to demonstrate balancing technique.

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