Friday, July 24, 2009

Time to trade roles

Sunday, I become a student instead of the instructor. Neil and I are registered for the Experienced Rider Course. The weather forecast looks great with partly sunny and a high of 79 degrees, which is not the norm for the end of July. It should be in the 90's. I will let you now what both Neil and I learn from the class. I followed him home from Joliet on I-80 for 30 miles. He scared me a few times with some poor lane positioning and passing too close to vehicles he passed. We talked about highway driving when we got home. Hearing it from other instructors will be a good thing.


Baron's Life said...

must have been some scary experience on the HWY getting back home...glad nothing happened though
great post

bobskoot said...


I think in the normal course of events the more experienced rider follows the Newbie, but sometimes when you are in "demonstration" mode the newbie should be the follower, then later on you could review the ride and explain why you were in that lane, why you didn't pass, etc . . .

When my cousin first got his M/C endorsement I followed him for a while and watched him do some stupid stuff and also riding too fast. He got the critique later .

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Derek said...

Good luck on the course. Yep, I've done some pretty stupid things in my lifetime as well, most of them from the saddle of a motorcycle. :-)

Sojourner rides said...

Very interested in hearing how an instructor takes instructions and assesses how the course was taught.