Thursday, June 18, 2009

Down but not out

You may remember my post about my first ambulance call teaching a motorcycle class. My step son tells me the person who was injured during my class is in the middle of an evening class for which he is the range aid. He says she is doing well and happy to be back in the class. She choose to wear a full face helmet for the class.


Derek said...

Glad to hear that your student is still riding. Many newer riders would have stopped right then and there. The full-face helmet's probably a wise choice.

irondad said...

Those crashes make your stomach knot up, don't they? I feel for you.

I had to call an ambulance once, many years ago. Not that we haven't had some injuries, just not enough for medics on site.

This particular student was a very heavy female. She hit a cone on the swerve eval then nailed the front brake. She hit face first and splatted on the ground. Fortunately, the medics didn't have to transport her. She was wearing a full face helmet. Score!

We're using Kawasaki 125 Eliminators as some of our training bikes. They make me shudder because it seems a lot easier to slide the front tire than on say, a GZ250. What bikes do you use?

Glad no permanent damage to your student's body or attitude happened!

Jeffry said...

We use Honda Nighthawks 250, Yamaha XT255 and TW200, Honda Rebel or two, and they added an Eliminator at each site. The problem is that we need more Rebel's because they can't take the test on the Eliminator. Many of the classes are half women and we no more bikes for the height challenged.

Sojourner rides said...

Some lessons are learned the hard way. Glad she's changed her tune.

Anonymous said...

We're using Yamaha zeous as some of our training bikes
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