Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day ride to Champaign

Monday I was already dressed for work. The girls had eaten and were ready to go to school. My schedule at work had no appointments or shifts on the reference desk. The forecast called for partly cloudy skies with a high in the sixties. Okay, I couldn't pass it up. With my granddaughter living with us, getting any riding in on the weekends is much of a possibility. I barely am able to do the motorcycle classes (only half days this year) and I don't feel right asking Abigail to look after the girls while I go riding. The bulk of this year's riding will have to occur during the week when the schedule is open and the weather is dry.

I called my father once I decided to spend the day riding. He said that he was busy already for the day and wouldn't be able to meet for lunch. After around fifteen minutes, he called back and said to meet my brother and him and buffalo wild wings in Savoy (south side of Champaign) at 12:00. The call back and shifting his schedule made me feel good. I love my father.

Made a few stops before getting on I-57. The Connie has had a long winter and needed some Seafoam. I filled her up with gas and Seafoam, plugged in the XMradio tune it to BBC Radio One, popped in the ear plugs, and off I went. I cruised down to Champaign at around 70 the whole way with a nice wind out the the east.

Before meeting them for lunch, I stopped by the UIUC Motorcycle Rider Program office in Champaign. I wanted to drop off the paperwork from the weekend Intermediate Rider Course that I had taught. Stopping by would also give me a chance to talk shop with them about the IRC. Gil and I were able to talk for around 30 minutes about the new curriculum. He had just finished teaching two of them as well.

Lunch was good. My brother seems to be loosing a little weight, which is really good. After lunch I stopped to visit my daughter and son for a few minutes. I would see my daughter that evening as well when she came for her every other Monday night visit with the girls.

I didn't want to take the interstate home however. Instead I caught I-74 East and exited IL Rt 49 N. I take this rural route quite often when visiting my father who lives near Kickapoo State Park. Besides rolling (okay it is a bit flat) farm land, the route has quite a few banked 90 degree corners (big smile). 49 turns into US Rt 45/52 16 miles south of Kankakee. I had to take a pit stop at my fun store, Blain's Farm & Fleet in Kankakee. From Kankakee, I rode Governor's Hwy home.

A wonderful relaxing 270 mile day. The Connie was purring by the end of the ride having consumed a day's worth of Seafoam treated gasoline.


Charlie6 said...

Sounds like you had a great day....

bobskoot said...

I'm glad you managed to get out and relieve some of that pent up stress and get some time to yourself

I'm a little confused, "dressed for work", and still able to take a day off from work. I wish I could do that. If I lived closer, I would have joined you

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Jeffry said...

I usually leave the house on bicycle at 7:00 to catch a commuter train that allows me to walk into the library at 8:00. The thought of "hey, why don't I go riding for the day" didn't smack me until almost seven.

I purposely leave my schedule open on Monday's in case I want to visit family (all at least 120 miles away).

Sojourner rides said...

Ride sounds nice. Those are all familiar roads as I've taken them to get to Champaign and Savoy too. Bikes are made to be ridden and they purr when they get the chance.

Hope you get to take the Connie out a lot more this season...