Monday, November 24, 2008

UI Motorcycle Rider Program Banquet

The end of the season banquet for the MRP at the U of I was held this last Saturday at the DoubleTree in Alsip, IL. I missed the banquet last year because we were experiencing raining sheets of ice on the day of the banquet which was being held 120 miles away in Champaign. This was the first banquet I have attended after only teaching for 2 seasons. This was the largest banquet for the program with over 200 people in attendance.

5-6 was the social hour with two free drink tickets. I was able to enjoy a Sam Adams and a different Honey Ale during this period. At 6:00 the feasting began. My wife was surprise how good the way. We were expecting a pasta dish, plain iceberg lettuce, etc... There was plenty of everything including Fried Chicken and Barbecued Ribs.

After everyone was stuffed, the guest speaker talked about problems with the current state of motorcycle training. He turned out to be David Hough of Proficient Motorcycling fame. He recently finished a second updated edition of Proficient Motorcycling, of which each instructor was given a copy. Now I have something to read over the winter months.

After the guest speaker, awards for all types of things were given. Button for various accumulations of students taught (100, 200, 300, .....). Much respect for those in the thousands. I was overlooked as I didn't get any buttons but have taught over 300 students in my first two seasons. This season's total for me was 212. It just gave me something to give the administrators a hard time about.

Best of all was being able to see and talk with other instructors. Yes I am going through a little withdrawal after teaching 22 classes this season. I only taught with one person twice. Each instructor provided at least one new thing for me to incorporate in my own instruction.


bobskoot said...

I met David Hough at the Maxi Scooter rally last year down in Stevenson, WA. We had sandwiches and talked a bit. He is very personable. I think he lives on the Olympic Peninsula and rode his Beemer with Side car, I have pictures somewhere. He gave a talk on Cornering strategy and traction control.
And I hope you get your "belated" recognition button soon. It's always good to feel appreciated

Earl Thomas said...

This post just reminded me to get back my copy of Proficient Motorcycling from a new rider that I lent it to this past summer. I knew something was missing from my bookshelf.

I hope that you get your recognition too.

Jeffry said...

The 300 students taught button is on the way. The new edition has additional text on CD.

Sojourner rides said...

I met David Hough at a BMW rally. I attended his amazing workshop. I find that I love re-reading his three books each winter--it's become a ritual.